FDA Deeming Regulations – Crazy Vapors Call to Action

The FDA along with the CDC is conducting an investigation and soliciting comments from the public that is going to decide the future of vaping. The comment period will end on August 8th, 2014, after which the FDA will consider comments, and then reach a decision about regulations.

If the FDA decides to regulate vaporizers the same was it does cigarettes and tobacco products, it will be extremely expensive and cost prohibitive for vape shops to be able to remain in business.  Imagine within a few weeks after ruling, vape shops all over the country shut down because they are unable to meet the “Deeming Regulations” that the FDA will enforce.  It is time to Fight for Your Right To Vape! Let your voice be heard and submit your comment now. Your comment will make a difference.

The Comments must be submitted at: http://goo.gl/pxq2mk no later than August 8th, 2014.

Comment Guidelines

The FDA expects to see comments that are well organized, clear, and factual information supporting your view.
When preparing your comments you should remember three FDA concerns:

  1. The FDA is a scientific association and are looking for quantitative evidence that vaporizers and electronic cigarettes are a) less harmful than cigarettes b) an alternative so smoking which assists users in stopping the fatal habit of smoking.
  2. The FDA is concerned that young people will begin vaping and then move onto nicotine and then onto smoking cigarettes. They are very concerned about products being sold to minors and being marketed to minors.
  3. The FDA is concerned with the long term effects of vaping. They are looking for any negative part of the vaping community.

What to post in the comment section? Please note that you can submit any information that you want in the FDA comments and the following are simply guidelines.

Suggestions & Guidelines for Vapers

You could answer the following questions or write however you feel would be most effective in convincing the FDA that vaping is important and has helped you.

  • How has vaping helped you?
  • What are your experiences and opinions about vaporizers and ecigs?
  • Have vaporizers improved your health, by helping you transition away from smoking cigarettes?
  • Should vaping be allowed and promoted in America in the future or should only cigarettes continue to be sold?
  • In your opinion is vaping beneficial?
  • Do you have any scientific, medical or other evidence to help back your opinion?

For more information about these deeming regulations please visit CASAA at: ?http://casaa.org/deeming_regulations.html

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