Electronic Cigarette Use On College Campuses

Crazy Vapors hopes to end the negative perception of electronic cigarette use on local college campuses.

We think that the recent article appearing in the Augusta Chronicle, Expelling tobacco: More Georgia colleges tighten rules to clear the air, continues to show that local college campuses and the community at large still remains ill-informed on the benefits of permitting electronic cigarette use in designated areas.  We are not advocating that vaping be allowed to go on durning classes, lunch areas, public office spaces, or waiting rooms, but allowing their use in dorms, private offices or designated common or have specific designated areas for “vaping” to take place.

We need to have informative discussions before jumping on the Ban E-Cig bandwagon.

First, everyone must realize that traditional tobacco is addictive and harmful.  It is also very hard to quit it’s use.  If it were easy, we wouldn’t be having this discussion to begin with.  Second, banning electronic cigarettes is not going to stop its, just as banning tobacco products will not stop people from using those either.  Imposing a ban only forces people to hide the fact of its use.  People will be forced to sneak into stairwells, hide between buildings and in unsuspecting places.  This I think could potentially be a huge campus safety issue.

If you are wanting to ban tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, or at least those sold at Crazy Vapors, do not contain any tobacco or any of the 4,000-6,000 ingredients in the traditional cigarette.  If you are to ban an item, I think you at least owe it to faculty, staff, and students to provide a responsible alternative.  I’m wondering if local campuses are also banning nicotine patches, gum, and pills as well?

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