Customer Appreciation Day!

Customer Appreciation Day

Come Celebrate with Us!

WHEN: July 25, 2015
WHERE: 123 Davis Rd. Augusta, Ga  30907

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Win a NASCAR Crazy Vapors #66 Mike Wallace Die-Cast Car

This is an exclusive Crazy Giveaway!  With every purchase in-store or online purchase, you are entered in a drawing to win a 1/24″ scaled die-cast model of the Crazy Vapors #66 Mike Wallace car.  Multiple entries can be made with each online or in-store purchase made from now through March 31, 2015.

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Crazy Vapors is Named Primary Sponsor for Mike Wallace and The #66 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Team for the 2015 Daytona 500!

NASCAR Crazy Vapors 66 car

Crazy Vapors LLC has teamed up with Premium Motorsports LLC and will serve as Primary Sponsor for Mike Wallace and The #66 Nascar Sprint Cup Series Team for The Daytona 500.  The Crazy Vapors logo will appear prominently on the hood of the car along with it’s signature “vape” icons forming racing stripes across the car.  Craig Perryman, owner of Crazy Vapors LLC, is a life-long fan of NASCAR racing and it has always been his dream to sponsor a race.   “I am so honored to be able to not only support NASCAR,” Mr. Perryman said, “but also to bring awareness of the Crazy Vapors’ brand to NASCAR fans that are looking for alternatives to cigarette smoking.”

To view the Premium Motorsports press release, click here.

About Crazy Vapors:

Crazy Vapors is an electronic cigarette, e-liquid, accessory and online store (  Crazy Vapors opened their first location in Augusta, GA in December 2012.  Crazy Vapors opened their second location in Aiken, SC in October 2013 after the rapid growth of their Augusta location.  Serving the community, Crazy Vapors strives to give people an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes by providing battery operate electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and other vaping accessories. The Crazy Vapor’s staff includes experienced and knowledgeable staff members who are willing to assist you with your e-cig or answer any questions you may have.

Not only does the company provide electronic cigarettes, but also over 250 classic e-liquids flavors that are handmade by owner, Craig Perryman. The company also has an “all VG” Elite line of e-liquids for those experienced vapors.  Crazy Vapors also has an extensive range of accessories for all your vaping needs!

In addition to serving the Aiken and Augusta communities, Crazy Vapors hosts a website for customers to place convenient online orders (  Along with online ordering, Crazy Vapors has many businesses from around the country that place wholesale orders through the company.

For more information, contact:

Craig Perryman

FDA Deeming Regulations – Crazy Vapors Call to Action

The FDA along with the CDC is conducting an investigation and soliciting comments from the public that is going to decide the future of vaping. The comment period will end on August 8th, 2014, after which the FDA will consider comments, and then reach a decision about regulations.

If the FDA decides to regulate vaporizers the same was it does cigarettes and tobacco products, it will be extremely expensive and cost prohibitive for vape shops to be able to remain in business.  Imagine within a few weeks after ruling, vape shops all over the country shut down because they are unable to meet the “Deeming Regulations” that the FDA will enforce.  It is time to Fight for Your Right To Vape! Let your voice be heard and submit your comment now. Your comment will make a difference.

The Comments must be submitted at: no later than August 8th, 2014.

Comment Guidelines

The FDA expects to see comments that are well organized, clear, and factual information supporting your view.
When preparing your comments you should remember three FDA concerns:

  1. The FDA is a scientific association and are looking for quantitative evidence that vaporizers and electronic cigarettes are a) less harmful than cigarettes b) an alternative so smoking which assists users in stopping the fatal habit of smoking.
  2. The FDA is concerned that young people will begin vaping and then move onto nicotine and then onto smoking cigarettes. They are very concerned about products being sold to minors and being marketed to minors.
  3. The FDA is concerned with the long term effects of vaping. They are looking for any negative part of the vaping community.

What to post in the comment section? Please note that you can submit any information that you want in the FDA comments and the following are simply guidelines.

Suggestions & Guidelines for Vapers

You could answer the following questions or write however you feel would be most effective in convincing the FDA that vaping is important and has helped you.

  • How has vaping helped you?
  • What are your experiences and opinions about vaporizers and ecigs?
  • Have vaporizers improved your health, by helping you transition away from smoking cigarettes?
  • Should vaping be allowed and promoted in America in the future or should only cigarettes continue to be sold?
  • In your opinion is vaping beneficial?
  • Do you have any scientific, medical or other evidence to help back your opinion?

For more information about these deeming regulations please visit CASAA at: ?

For a PDF document of this post, Click Here!

CASAA is Fighting for Your Right to Vape!

If you are like me, you work hard to provide for your family and after a long day, you don’t have time to get involved with what is happening around you.  Some of you might not even be concerned with government issues as long as they don’t affect you personally.

I Am CASAA logoToday we are experiencing an issue that will greatly affect us all.  The government is working to regulate electronic cigarettes and they are bias towards the tobacco industry.  The FDA along with the CDC is conducting an investigation and soliciting comments from the public and is going to decide on the future of vaping.

If the FDA decides to regulate vaporizers the same was it does for cigarettes and tobacco products, it will be extremely expensive and cost prohibitive for vape shops to be able to remain in business. Why don’t you consider buying these wholesale products instead if you do want to vape? Imagine within a few weeks after ruling, vape shops all over the country shut down because they are unable to meet the “deeming regulations” that the FDA will enforce.  It is time to Fight for Your Right To Vape!

CASAA is the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association. CASAA has a wealth of information and links that provide not only ecig and vaping information, but also what the government agencies are trying to pass as law.  Keep up to date by visiting the CASAA website:

Helpful Links:


Anniversary Eliquid & Prize Drawing

E-Liquid & Prize Giveways

Wanted to thank everyone who registered for our first anniversary prize drawing.  Five lucky people have been won one free 10ml bottle of eliquid each week for an entire year.  We also selected several additional prizes which included 2-$25.00 gift certificates, 1-$50.00 gift certificate, and 1-$100.00 gift certificate.  We also had a wonderful gift basket as well.  For those that opted-in to receive information, we will send out our newsletter and occasional coupons or special deals each month.

Winners of a 10ml bottle of eliquid for a year are:

  • Yvonne Anderson of Augusta, Ga
  • Paige Waller of  Grovetown, Ga
  • Jeffery Bernette of Grovetown, Ga
  • Alyssa Hampton of Thomson, Ga
  • Paige White of Augusta, Ga

$100.00 Store Gift Certificate Winner:

  • Isabella Brandenburg of Augusta, Ga

$50.00 Store Gift Certificate Winner:

  • Pauline Banks of Grovetown, Ga

$25.00 Store Gift Certificate Winner:

  • Angela Kelly of Augusta, Ga
  • Robert Alexander of Martinez, Ga

E-Cig Gift Basket Winner:

  • Jason Kennebrew of Augsuta, Ga

National Boss Day

National Boss Day

Do You Love Your Boss… don’t let him or her be a “butthead”!  OK… no, not that type of butthead…. it’s when you hate going into their office for meetings, or riding in their car because it SMELLS like cigarette smoke.

1100mah Blister KitNominate your boss explaining why you want them to Stop Being A Butthead!  The greater the nominations, the better chances of winning… share this with your fellow office mates, and your boss could win a free e-cig starter kit.

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Electronic Cigarette Use On College Campuses

Crazy Vapors hopes to end the negative perception of electronic cigarette use on local college campuses.

We think that the recent article appearing in the Augusta Chronicle, Expelling tobacco: More Georgia colleges tighten rules to clear the air, continues to show that local college campuses and the community at large still remains ill-informed on the benefits of permitting electronic cigarette use in designated areas.  We are not advocating that vaping be allowed to go on durning classes, lunch areas, public office spaces, or waiting rooms, but allowing their use in dorms, private offices or designated common or have specific designated areas for “vaping” to take place.

We need to have informative discussions before jumping on the Ban E-Cig bandwagon.

First, everyone must realize that traditional tobacco is addictive and harmful.  It is also very hard to quit it’s use.  If it were easy, we wouldn’t be having this discussion to begin with.  Second, banning electronic cigarettes is not going to stop its, just as banning tobacco products will not stop people from using those either.  Imposing a ban only forces people to hide the fact of its use.  People will be forced to sneak into stairwells, hide between buildings and in unsuspecting places.  This I think could potentially be a huge campus safety issue.

If you are wanting to ban tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, or at least those sold at Crazy Vapors, do not contain any tobacco or any of the 4,000-6,000 ingredients in the traditional cigarette.  If you are to ban an item, I think you at least owe it to faculty, staff, and students to provide a responsible alternative.  I’m wondering if local campuses are also banning nicotine patches, gum, and pills as well?

Things You May Not Know About Crazy Vapors

Things you may not know about Crazy Vapors
  • Mention you are a new customer and have liked our Facebook page and you get a complimentary 10 mil bottle of e liquid as a thank you for trying us out.
  • We are social and tech savvy! Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and our website are all ways to share and communicate with us. But we are always happy to answer an email or phone call and also enjoy seeing you face to face in our store.
  • Our e-liquid flavors are measured precisely every time to give consistent flavor with every bottle you purchase.
  • Refer a Friend and get a free bottle of juice. Have you seen our referral wall yet?
  • Our active military receive 20% discounts on their purchases.
  • You can place your order 24/7 on our secure website! Your purchase usually arrives at your door in just a few short days.
  • We support our police, fire, EMT’s, retired or non-active military, and other civilian service fields with a 10% discount.
  • You get to speak to the president! OK, not the real President, but the owner of the company, and his cell phone is on the website and on each business card that is handed out. How many places do that anymore?
  • If you have a suggestion, Please let us know. Some of our best products and flavors come from our customers.
  • We love to hear from you! Suggestions, praises, and comments if any helps us better serve our customers. We want to be the best we can be while providing customers alternatives to traditional cigarette smoking. Getting a Facebook post that someone has not smoked since they got their ecig puts a smile on our faces!
  • We are Crazy about our products and stand by the products we sale.
  • We are here for YOU! (See Above) Our main focus is to help smokers in their journey to overcome their dependency on tobacco products.

Your Success is Our Success!

Following Crazy Vapors on Twitter offers many rewards.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  We always try not to bombard people with postings, but we also want to provide our family, friends, and great customers with more information that you might want to know.  Of course any big announcements, featured products, or helpful information we always post to Facebook.  We have been working to keep up demand with products and within the next two weeks we should be back to normal carrying all the products you have grown to love.  We’d like to be able to post when we get new items are in stock, when we might be out of items, or want to share more general information.  If you would like to keep up with more up-to-date, more frequent postings, check out our Twitter feed:

What is Twitter?

Crazy Vapors Twitter page

Twitter is a micro-blogging site that allows users to post 140 characters at a time.  I know it doesn’t seem like alot of words, but one great thing with having only a limited amount of words is that you get a quick, specific message across and it’s easy to read without being wordy.  Another great thing is it allows us to post to Facebook once or twice a day at the most, showcasing important or featured updates and we can then post to Twitter several times a day informing people when we’ve made new juice, when we may have just run out of something or have just gotten a shipment in.  And, you can check our Twitter feed anytime during the day to see any hourly changes or goings on at Crazy Vapors.  You can also post questions, leave comments about the products you are using, etc and we will continue to answer your posts on Twitter just like we do on Facebook.  You can also continue to post to Facebook letting everyone know what your favorite products and juices are, helping others make decisions about their upcoming purchases.

How do I join Twitter and post to Crazy Vapors?

It’s easy!  Create an account by visiting  Twitter will sometimes ask if you would like to add friends or suggestions.  Once you have logged in, you can go to our twitter page at:  The address is not case sensitive  so both “CrazyVapors” and “crazyvapors” works.  To post some for us to see, you can use the “Tweet to Crazy Vapors” box, or when you post, you will put: @crazyvapors or @CrazyVapors and will will get a notification of your post and reply back in needed.  You can also use hashtags that allow us or others to search out your posts and messages.  Also, don’t forget when you are viewing our twitter page, click the Follow button and anytime we post to our website, it will appear in your twitter stream.

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is used on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many other social media sites to allow people to search out keywords relevant to what they are searching for.  They are any search word you want with a number sign in front.  ex: #crazyvapors, #vape, #eliquid, #ejuice, #ecig, etc.  They are not case sensitive and if you have more than one word used, you don’t use any spaces if it’s a phrase. ex: #greatdaytoday.

So why should I follow Crazy Vapors again on Twitter?

Just to touch on the above.

  1. You will have the most current information related to all thing Crazy Vapors.  Our twitter feed even displays our Facebook posts as well. We will usually post information more frequently during the day as Twitter is better suited for a stream of frequent info.
  2. You can private message us via twitter or @crazyvapors us a message and it allows us to answer your message in a quicker manner and others can see any posts as well.
  3. You will be apart of one of the largest social media sites with over 500 million registered users as of 2012, generating over 340 million tweets daily.  You may even start using Twitter to send out tweets like you do on Facebook.
  4. And lastly, only for our Twitter followers to celebrate our 6 month anniversary of our store opening, we will randomly choose one of our Twitter followers to receive a FREE Ego Passthrough Kit.  The Twitter follower will be selected on Friday, June 7th, 2013.

What a great reason to join and follow us Twitter.  For everyone that is currently following us, the free kit offer will also be available to you and anyone else who is following or will be on our followers list at the time of the drawing.