Anniversary Eliquid & Prize Drawing

Wanted to thank everyone who registered for our first anniversary prize drawing.  Five lucky people have been won one free 10ml bottle of eliquid each week for an entire year.  We also selected several additional prizes which included 2-$25.00 gift certificates, 1-$50.00 gift certificate, and 1-$100.00 gift certificate.  We also had a wonderful gift basket as well.  For those that opted-in to receive information, we will send out our newsletter and occasional coupons or special deals each month.

Winners of a 10ml bottle of eliquid for a year are:

  • Yvonne Anderson of Augusta, Ga
  • Paige Waller of  Grovetown, Ga
  • Jeffery Bernette of Grovetown, Ga
  • Alyssa Hampton of Thomson, Ga
  • Paige White of Augusta, Ga

$100.00 Store Gift Certificate Winner:

  • Isabella Brandenburg of Augusta, Ga

$50.00 Store Gift Certificate Winner:

  • Pauline Banks of Grovetown, Ga

$25.00 Store Gift Certificate Winner:

  • Angela Kelly of Augusta, Ga
  • Robert Alexander of Martinez, Ga

E-Cig Gift Basket Winner:

  • Jason Kennebrew of Augsuta, Ga

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